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About Little Earthies

Who we are

Little Earthies supports people to implement ecologically sustainable practices and principles in all aspects of school, home and community life. It aims to empower individuals and groups to have positive impacts on the environment and to make the world of difference at their local levels.

Little Earthies aims to include as many people as possible to build capacity in the care of our natural resources and in sustanailable productivity. It aims to share inspiration and imagination to help all people connect with our natural world with an emphasis on making a positive environmental impact.

Our team, partnerships and results

Founded by Director and Head of Learning Alice Dunlop, the Little Earthies team care deeply about supporting people to implement ecologically sustainable practices and principles in all aspects of school, home and community life.

We partner with faith-based organisations to provide formation and learning experiences which empower others to take action in care for our common home.


of our users recommend our courses to colleagues


of our users found our courses useful in their context


of our users enjoyed the structure of our courses

This courses were great and allowed me to understand how to better explore faith in the classroom.

The advantage of self paced learning and being able to revisit at times has been extremely flexible in our currently busy learning environment- The courses are also particularly relevant to current planning and school improvement actions-eg reviewing the Evangelisation Plan, embracing Student Voice, and calling on all stakeholders to engage in actions.

It is a great course to get all school staff involved and how working together to create student agency to make change.

I found this a positive way to learn. The videos were reflective and inspiring and it was great to be able to collaborate with other staff members towards a common whole school approach.

I recommend these courses to my colleagues who are driving initiatives (ie. in leadership roles) as the content was simple to follow, relatable, and made reference to curriculum documents and resources that we are already using.

I would recommend these courses to all teachers, since I was not aware of the scope of my ability to be part of this until I had read the articles and watched the videos. Perhaps others might also be struggling with the thought of where to begin, I would highly recommend them.

It was easy to navigate and I really liked the open nature of the reflections/tasks for each unit. It was also very smooth- no technical glitches which is very rare with online learning.

It gives staff the opportunity to see the transdisciplinary nature of how our religious education can be embedded in our everyday teaching and learning. Highly recommended.

For me it has brought alive an internal dialogue on ecological thinking which I have not really fully engaged in before. In addition it helps bring a clearer focus on evaluation of our current practices (In the library and English Department/curriculum) and helps shape our thought on where to go into the future. Also, there are some excellent resources/links which will be very helpful.

Thank you for the most informative and relevant accreditation courses I think I have ever participated in!

I enjoyed the โ€˜session-basedโ€™ nature of the courses, this breaks each unit into small chunks of information to engage with (particularly relevant to classroom teachers who are notoriously low on time) and the assessments were considered, achievable and relevant.


The services of Little Earthies are flexible and adaptable in a wide variety of school, business and environmental settings. Some of our services include (but are not limited to):

  • youth leadership development
  • garden design
  • project management
  • facilitation of retreats
  • strategic planning
  • online professional learning
  • environmental management across sites
  • corporate connected wellbeing workshops

frequently asked questions

Is there an order in which you suggest I undertake the courses?

Yes, each course builds upon the last. We suggested the following order:

  1. Laudato Si & Our Call to an Integral Ecology
  2. Integrating Ecology Across the Curriculum
  3. Promoting Capabilities through an Ecological Lens
  4. Developing a Whole School Approach to Ecological Thinking and Faith in Action

How do I pay for the courses?

These courses can be paid on the website via SQUARE payments. An invoice can be generated upon request.

Do I need to complete them in a specific time frame?

No, as these courses are self-guided you can come and go and they will be open until you have completed all sessions.

Are the courses self-guided or are their set times for engagement?

There is no live element so the courses can be undertaken at a time that suits you.

Is there any live engagement?

No, the courses are self-guided

What assessment requirements are there?

Each course contains 4-5 sessions. At the end of each session, there is a reflective question to answer. In the final session, you are asked to submit a longer reflection or learning activity.

How do I know what categories the courses relate to in terms of accreditation?

These categories are listed on the home page of each course. The codes will also be generated on your final certificate.

Is there discount of a large number of staff want to enrol?

Yes, we do offer bulk enrolment discounts. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Can assessments be undertaken collaboratively if one of my colleagues is also doing the course?

We always encourage collaborative learning. You may wish to work together, however, each person will need to register for a personalised certificate to be generated.

Can I come back to the course once I start it?

Yes, you will just need to log in.

Who do I contact if I am having troubles?

Please contact

How do I access my completed course certificate?

Log into your account, click on the completed course. If your course has been marked and considered successfully completed you will see a ‘Download Certificate’ button.

Please note: you must take the evaluation survey in order to receive your certificate. In some cases you may need to go back to the survey page and click the ‘complete’ button at the bottom. If you have already taken the survey you do not need to complete it again.

What do I do if a session I have done is showing as not completed?

In some cases you may need to go back to the session showing as incomplete and click the ‘complete’ button at the bottom. If this happens on the evaluation page and you have already taken the survey you do not need to take it again, just mark as complete.

Are there any job opportunities with Little Earthies?

Little Earthies is a growing team. If you have a passion for environmental education and align to our vision and values, we would love to hear from you!

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